Comic issues #0 and #1 finished

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After a few crazy night shifts the comics are in print now. We will come out with the first two issues on April 29 at Fantasy Basel. Don't miss to preorder your copy in our shop!

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Somewhere in our galaxy, not far away at all...

It's 2068. Planet earth teeters on the brink of collapse. Facing the obviously self-inflicted downfall, mankind has gathered in an unprecedented unity and built a gigantic mother ship to debark in search for a new home in the galaxy. As Humanity as a whole is about to depart forever, the Galactic Senate steps in.   

Wait, what, who the hell is the Galactic Senate?   

After the initial shock, mankind might not be the pinnacle of evolution, things get even worse. As stated in the galaxy charter, every newly discovered species has to be formally recognized as an intelligent life form before they can engage in negotiations to get anything. Beginning with parking tickets, getting travel visas to being granted asylum let alone colonizing an new planet. Human representatives must now come before the senate to present their case and ensure humanity's survival. In other words: Mankind is in deep shit. 

Galactic Senate Project

THE GALACTIC SENATE is a science fiction animated web series. The single episodes last 5 minutes and are free to view on the web. A galactic newsletter is published between episodes, which continues telling the story in form of comic strips and texts. 

What's it about?

The story of “The Galactic Senate” begins as humanity is about to leave planet earth, which they have thoroughly destroyed by now. Mankind is hoping to find a new home but the Galactic Senate is not amused. They have so far ignored the puny humans and their shenanigans but they are unwilling to watch them randomly travel the galaxy.

The Galactic Senate demands that humanity send some representatives to prove that humans are an intelligent species and may be given a travel visa. Unfortunately, the senators are just as chaotic and neurotic as us humans and every single session ends in ultimate chaos. 

How can you support us?

Right now we are in Pre-production und funding process. You can support us by following our project, subscribe to the newsletter and like and share and follow us on social media and with a purchase of our merch available in the shop you support us financially. Go to the shop now and have a look what kind of special things are available to early adapters. 


Right now we are in Pre-production und funding process. You can support us by following our project and subscribing to our newsletter. You can also like, share and follow us on social media and you can support us with a purchase of our merch available in the shop. Go to the shop now and have a look what kind of special things are available to early birds.

Become a Senator

Once the series hast started you can become a senator on the Galactic Senate by creating an online account. This will allow you to cast votes in mini-votings in between episodes and thus impact plot lines and shape the story yourself.

If you’re interested in becoming a senator make sure you’ve signed up for our newsletter as we will announce the option there, once it is available.

Meet Our Artists

Different artists are creating the visual aspects of our show, bringing humans and aliens to life.

The main characters and the worlds of the Galactic Senate are penned by the Swiss character designer Patrik Graf. The aliens appearing in the Senate in each episode are contributions by international illustrators. In each episode new creatures pop up and the series presents itself like a permanent exhibition platform of various characters, that emerge from the imagination of character developers from all over the world. If you have the skills and a weird mind, make sure to check out the submission process further down the page.

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The Galactic Senate is a project that brings together makers, contributors and audience. Our community is our most valuable asset. The more people know of and about us the faster the first episode will be online.

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Join us in the production:
Send in your Alien Design

Send in your alien design. Every episode of the GALACTIC SENATE begins in the Senate itself where a crowd of maniac, bullying, attention seeking aliens are awaiting the next chapter in mankind’s disastrous attempts to leave their kaput home planet. And this is where your alien comes in. In every episode new aliens are going to make their appearances as part of the crowd or in more prominent roles. Like in the real movies this is, so to say, a virtual casting. Check the design specification in the PDF, give us your weirdest and most alien one and start the upload process.

Become part of the artist community:
Design and submit your alien character!


Check the details in the design specification PDF.

Upload Alien

Use the form to submit your alien design.

The crew of character designers and artists is already growing.

Lead artist:   Patrick Graf                

Alien artists:   Nico Kast   Beni Morard   Frederic Siegel   Galileo Disperati   Justine Klaiber   Mario Miles   Tom Hänni   Marco Zizzi   Neil Stubbings   Jane Mumford

Meet the Earthlings behind the Galactic Senate

Galactic Studio is a network of creative minds. Storytellers, filmmakers, character designers, illustrators and other muddleheaded spirits. Our goal is to build an international network of artists and doomsday enthusiasts to work together on this creation of our own choosing. 

Florian Winkler

Creator, Writer, Director and Co-Founder

Patrick Graf

Art Director & Lead Character Designer

Florian Huber

Head Producer and Co-Founder

Kora Frey

Producer and Co-Founder

Marius Morger

Graphic and Web Designer

Ralph Moser

Software Engineer

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Comic Issue #0 and #1 now availbale in our shop. This is how everything begins. Order your copy today.


Issue #1 - Travelers Turmoil

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Issue #0 - The BailOut

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